Writing E-Book


The Writing e-book is written by a former IELTS Examiner with experience of conducting thousands of IELTS speaking Tests with Filipino IELTS candidates. This book includes the following:

  • Overview of both Academic and General Training Modules in the IELTS Writing Test
  • Overview of what the candidate has to do to pass the IELTS writing module
  • What the examiner is looking for when marking the test
  • How to raise your writing band score
  • Examples of the tasks, 1 and 2of the tests
  • Sample task questions for tasks 1 and 2 of the writing test
  • Sample Candidate answers for tasks 1 and 2 of the writing test
  • How to effectively manage your time during the writing test so that you can get maximum marks
  • Key higher level vocabulary and grammar
  • List of the ten most common writing errors made by Filipino IELTS candidates and how to avoid them

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The Writing E-Book costs£9.99 (Approximately PHP 724)Check the present exchange rate.

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