Our Mission
As Experienced IELTS Speaking and Writing Examiners we have seen the same mistakes repeated by thousands of Filipino IELTS candidates. Now we have decided to do set up a website to help Filipino IELTS Candidates achieve the band scores which they deserve in the IELTS speaking and writing tests.

What We Offer is a preparation website for IELTS candidates who want to successfully pass the Speaking and Writing modules of the IELTS exam.
The website provides IELTS candidates with an insider’s guide to passing the Speaking and Writing IELTS modules with materials created by those who know-the examiners. offers E-books especially written by IELTS examiners with experience of testing thousands of Filipino IELTS candidates.
The Speaking and Writing IELTS preparation courses on provide original practice tests and are marked by experienced native English-speaking IELTS Examiners.
Not only are your practice answers marked, but they are also corrected, allowing you to practice delivering high scoring answers

So what are you waiting for....start studying with us today!


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